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Abundant bloom of our Wisteria sinensis


In last years post Wisteria sinensis in bloom I wrote about the differences in the flowering over the years. 2010 was an extremely poor year.

Last year we counted only about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers at any one time.


In April 2009 it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes, at one time !

This year we have a new record. I roughly counted over 1200 raceme at one time (April 25th 2011), and I am sure that I omitted one or two. And by the way, the fragrances are as fabulous as the sight and are filling the whole garden.

Correct pruning, both aspects timing and technique, is very important to get an abundantly flowering Wisteria during the next spring.
For instructions on how we do that, see: Wisteria sinensis pruning.

There are actually far to many raceme to fit this relatively small ‘Wisteria-tree’. A lot of them have no space to hang down but are intertangeled and lay horizontally or even upward.

The bottom photo shows our Wisteria in its environment as an important visible-object in the Mount Sumeru, or Shumi-sen scene.
When in bloom, the Wisteria sinensis represents dense cloud-covers in which Mt. Sumeru stands, thus making this an even more realistic three dimensional mountain-scape with seasonal influences.


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