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Miscellaneous tidy up garden activities


Yesterday was a great day to take advantage of the nice dry and sunny weather. If not the, then perhaps one of the last of this year.

A number of tidy up garden activities needed yet to be done and that is what we did. Some examples:

  • Collecting and removing dead and fallen leafs (most of them not from our trees).
  • Removing weeds, mostly grasses, from the groundcovers.
  • Removing mosses from the groundcovers and other places where we do not want them.
  • Scrubbing the veranda deck to remove alga and moss.
  • Clean and take inside the garden pump. Do not forget to close off the hoses to prevent dirt or insect getting in. We use a cork for that.
  • Take some of the most promiment groundcover runners out of the gravel.
  • Rake the gravel area.
  • Removing weeds from the waterfront.
  • and a few other minor activities that end this beautiful garden-day.

Although not “winter ready” yet we are getting close. There are still some major activities left (as an example the Wisteria sinesis !).

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