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Second Abundant bloom of our Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis bloom
In my previous post,' Recovery of our solitary Wisteria-sinensis', I wrote about the blooming of the Wisteria-sinensis. Now, after almost three months, we have a second, relative abundant blooming, and this time with the leafs developed.   Although blooming is seen during the whole summer, we have never seen so many flowers at the same [...]

Recovery of our solitary Wisteria-sinensis

Wisteria sinensis, 20 may 2015
  This frost-damage was particularly sad with regard to our garden pride, the solitary Wisteria-sinensis (see: Resurrection of our Wisteria sinensis). In 2015 we had a very late spring. Temperatures have not been very low, with average rainfall and average sunshine. Although the shape of the Wisteria sinensis is no longer solitary as it [...]

Resurrection of our Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria-sinensis 1st re-bloom in 2013

In Frost damage 2011/2012, final damage report I wrote about the frost-damage in our garden during the winter 2011/2012 and the subsequent growth and our attempts to give it a second life. This frost damage was particularly sat with regard to our garden pride, the solitary Wisteria sinensis. Now the second season after the disaster, […]

Wisteria sinensis winter pruning

Over winter the Wisteria side shoots need to get pruned back to 6 to 10 cm long (2.5 – 4 inch), leaving only 2 or 3 buds on the side-shoots. These will be the flowering spurs on the Wisteria. This pruning should be carried out each year. The only shoots to be left untouched […]

Abundant bloom of our Wisteria sinensis


In last years post Wisteria sinensis in bloom I wrote about the differences in the flowering over the years. 2010 was an extremely poor year. Last year we counted only about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers at any one time. In April 2009 it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes, at one time ! […]

Wisteria sinensis sprouts need continued attention


In my post Wisteria sinensis sprouts and runners I also wrote about sprouts. In particular sprouts and shoots need continued attention. Converting green shoots that grow  50 cm (2 feet) each week, into a short woody flower spur requires regular attention in particular during the July-August period. Shoots that grow in places where we […]

Wisteria sinensis sprouts and runners


Although Wisteria is not a tree at all, it is a woody climbing vine, on our website we classify it under Deciduous trees. That is because it is trained to be just that. A couple of times per season we remove the longest sprouts. These can quickly become 50 or even 100cm (1.6 to […]

Wisteria sinensis in bloom


After a very bad winter our wisteria is flowering again. And it looks great ! However this year we count about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers. Last year it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes ! Have a look in Some (garden) activities during May 2009. Related: Wisteria sinensis pruning. […]