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Abundant bloom of our Wisteria sinensis


In last years post Wisteria sinensis in bloom I wrote about the differences in the flowering over the years. 2010 was an extremely poor year. Last year we counted only about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers at any one time. In April 2009 it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes, at one time ! […]

Armeria Maritima flowering, continued


In my prior post, Armeria Maritima flowering, caution ! (Marsh Daisy). I told about timely removal of the flowers. Now while removing the remainder (enjoying the flowering as long as possible) of the flowers, I realize that how I do this can be a useful tip for our readers. So here it is. Cutting […]

Armeria Maritima flowering, caution !


Our Turtle Island (Kame-jima or Hõrai-jima) is located in a part of the Sea that is located in the front garden compartment. The only Armeria Maritima that we have is covering a part of the Island. Now when the Armeria is in full bloom, it is as if there is a blanket of clouds […]

Wisteria sinensis in bloom


After a very bad winter our wisteria is flowering again. And it looks great ! However this year we count about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers. Last year it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes ! Have a look in Some (garden) activities during May 2009. Related: Wisteria sinensis pruning. […]