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Special articles and features on the Tsubo-en website

Probably the single most important page to find your way on the Tsubo-en website is the Table of Contents (Sitemap). It has a “classical” Book-style Table of Contents with lots of details. To quickly “in a glance”, find the subjects of most interest to you, the Visual Table of Contents offers an easy subject-oriented entry into the desired information.

Here we have listed some links of special interest articles and features on our main website that are only loosely related to our Tsubo-en garden pages as such but that deserve your attention.

External links of special interest

In the Tsubo-en main-site we have a section Related links with a number of subsections, one being:
V – Alphabetical list of garden websites in Japan.

In addition we have the Literature and Notes to the text pages that both include many URL’s. In principle these are all references used during or directly related to the construction of our garden.

On this page we will list more recently discovered websites, that may or may not have been addressed in our posts, that to our humble opinion are special or unique and differentiate themselves in the realm of the word wide web.

Identifying pests and diseases

These are the websites we find most useful to identify pests and diseases.  Determination of the source of a problem is not always as straightforward as sometimes suggested. You often need different entry-points to find the cause and get to a solution and that, to our own experience, is what these sites can offer.


  • How to Prune Trees, USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry, U.S.A.