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Overall measurements to reduce maintenance, continued 2

Acer pseudoplatanus-platanoides
The first in this series was: “Less is more”? Overall measurements to reduce maintenance. In September 2015 we started to execute this plan in the left side garden compartment. Later in September we continued in the main garden compartment, with the Acer palmatum "Bloodgood" and the Acer platanoides "Royal Red". This was a quick [...]

Birds bathing and drinking during winter


In summer the “upper lake” on the Kame-jima, “Turtle island”, gives us a lot of joy. Every day, we see a diversity of birds that come to drink and bath in this small pond. The water in the “upper lake” (right) gets continuously replenished and refreshed by a small fountain-pump that gets the water […]

The plague named Blackbirds


Blackbirds are really, really fond of our garden. And so we used to be fond of Blackbirds. This photo only shows one of the damages the birds do to our garden. Beautiful moss taken out of the joints between the flatstones of our “hidden terrace”. No moss is save in the garden and most […]

Birdlife and near-dead


In Birdlife in the garden I wrote about life and dead. This female blackbird was lucky. Although it flew against our living room window it eventually survived. It fell on its back on the wooden deck of the veranda after the bang. We heard the bang and where immediately alarmed. We soon found the […]

Replenishing the Turtle-island lakes, bird bath


Topping up or replenishing the Turtle-island lakes in the front garden is a semi-automated task. During these hot summer days, due to evaporation and the dozens of birds (and cats aahhh) drinking and bathing, the water level in the lower reservoir can quickly get too low. Too low, not as such an immediate danger […]

Birdlife in the garden


“Cosmos, the endless cycle of live and death.” Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching This week we saw a diversity of high- and low-lights in the life of birds in our garden. Here we give a quick impression of a few. One of our great enjoyments in the garden is a mutual joy, for hundreds […]

Wild ducks swimming in our “sea”


Of all “trespassers” these are the least of a burden. We regard the presence of this couple of wild ducks in our garden as a compliment. Despite the high level of abstraction they seam to recognize our Ginshanada (open sea) as such. Related: Approach to realization of a (Japanese Zen) garden, How to typify, […]

Swans and cygnets

This week we had the pleasure that the swans came to show-off their youngsters. Initially the four cygnets where sitting on the back of their mommy. Unfortunately not on photo. Water front (back side) garden compartment. […]

Heron gluttony ?


This heron was seen the day after we first saw the Coot youngsters. The heron is standing here just opposite our backgarden water front, on the other side of the water (on the golf course), where the photo of ‘our’ Coot youngsters was taken. Although not a predator as such, a heron knows its way. […]

Coot and youngsters


After many weeks of hard labor, on May 31, 2010 ‘our’ Coot’s youngsters left their nest. There where two of them. I say ‘where’ because today (June 1st) we only see the parents ! Below, the abandoned nest that has been neatly coated with old bamboo leafs. This is the Water front (back side) […]