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Zen means real attention

The clip that we named 'Tsubo-en: The movie' (2-nd below) was created as a side effect of a promotion video that was made for Fujitsu. It can be viewed also in the right sidebar and on the Tsubo-en Introduction page or on the video clips page: A collection of video's related to Japanese gardens and gardening.

Here you see the resulting commercial clip. We like it and are glad to see our garden immortalized in this way and at a point in time that it looked just great.

For a short slide-show about 'The making of', click the link.

The Fujitsu Internet mood film makes thematic use of Zen characteristics based on the Tsubo-en garden. Knowing that Fujitsu is Japan's one of, if not the, most important computer hardware and IT services companies, makes us even more proud of the fact that they have chosen our Zen-garden and the work in it to state that 'Zen means real attention'.

The result of what was described in Most beautiful spot in province of Flevoland nomination (source: Omroep Flevoland , sorry but the speech is in Dutch only, no subtitles):

“The Zen Gardens of Shunmyo Masuno”  by OffTheFence.com (26:02 min).

For additional information see: A new type of modern karesansui garden.