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Why this Diary ?
To improve the interaction by support of two-way communication with visitors of our Tsubo-en website:
An online guidebook on how to make a Japanese (Zen)garden.

This Blog-based diary offers an alternative entry-point to the massive amount of information and guidance found in the original Tsubo-en pages. Here we will publish details on all our garden activities, giving you an inside view of all our garden-secrets. These posts will mostly show “work in progress” photo’s. For a view of the
results, how the garden came into existence, “how to… ?” etc., the main-pages remain the primary reference. The latter is also true regarding information on publications, references, examples etc.

This diary offers the authors an easier way to give you an inside look into our  activities and garden development throughout the year. All our garden-secrets will here get revealed. In more than one aspect this Blog offers added interaction by offering an easy way to leave your comment and ask us and answer our questions.

Note that a post may be a day or so off the actual day that an activity took place. Reason is that it is not always feasible to post the same or next day and some days are more occupied than others and we try to limit any post to a single subject.

What to expect on the Tsubo-en site and this diary ?

Experience-based on a real-world project, being our Tsubo-en garden, this is
the on-line “living” guide to realize your own authentic Japanese or more specifically Zen garden.

  • Approach to realization with a general methodology based on six iterative realization phases and the details on how we used this to realize Tsubo-en.
  • Describes the eight essential archetypes of Japanese Gardens and how to choose the right one or combination, for you in your situation.
  • Help you to make a choice by showing hundreds of subject-focused genuine Japanese examples and links to perhaps all gardens in Japan with Web-presence.
  • From vision and architecture to realization of the infrastructure and maintenance.
    We not only show the visual objects and elements but also the mostly hidden infrastructure components.
    And we show you what activities you can expect in your garden, year-round.
  • Either go for a more informal fast-path for a small or even balcony-garden or follow the full-blown method, wanting to know all principles and the symbolic meaning (dozens of book references, citations, notes, video-clips, Web-links etc.).
    In all cases you will not repeat any mistakes that others may make.
    You don’t start with the plants but with a plan.
  • Gives information to help you make the right decisions and pick the plants suited for you in your environment and surrounding.
    This includes our lessons learned over the last 25 years.
  • Assisting you to bring together modern technology and authentic aesthetics,
    to realize the infrastructure required in your environment so that you will end up with not only a beautiful but also maintainable garden.

All this documented with sources and supported by hundreds of Internet references, that you can view with a single mouse-click or chose to not use, or do so later.
Besides the above, all this is not static, like a book. The site will be updated when new information is available or insights change.
Our garden activities get frequently documented in a blog-based diary, including old and new lessons learned.
All of this for free !

For background information on the owners, author and garden see the about page on our Tsubo-en garden site.


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