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Wisteria sinessis seed pods



Last year (2016) our Wisteria sinessis developed some zeven pods.




After all these years we have seen this some three or four times. The pods are very strong and have a beautiful velvety like skin.



Now, almost a year later the, the pods ar still strong. and you can open them like peas to harvest the seeds.







Using a little force the pods explode to show the seeds.




Wisteria seed pods have one to a lot of seeds in them. Harvest them and then you can use the seeds to grow wisteria from seed.


Wisterias are fast growing vines that will climb all over everything in their path if you allow it. You just need to train the wisteria to grow where you want it to grow.





However, from multiple sources, we know that the plants that come up fresh from seed are going to take 15 years before they flower or produce seed pods.


If you want to know how to grow wisteria from seed pods, you just harvest the pods and pull the seeds out of them as if you are shucking peas.


The seeds can be dried, and placed in moderate frost for a week or so,  and then planted wherever you want them.

You can plant them in the spring and the vines will take off as soon as they come through the ground.



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