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Section on Slate Roofing added

Slate Roofing


On the page House and garden I have added a section named Slate Roofing.

The new section may be useful but is something we can currently only dream of.

Slate roofing, in the American context, is a very traditional type of roofing. Found extensively in East Coastal and Southern towns of the country, slate roofs provide the house with a certain vintage look that many homeowners seem to savor for the sake of nostalgia. However, nostalgia is not the only reason why slates are still the in-thing when it comes to roofing. There are many other associated advantages, as well.

Slates are found in many countries, most notably Japan, Brazil, China, Australia and the United States. In the United States, slates are predominantly found in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, parts of Pennsylvania, Georgia and North & South Carolina. In Canada, Newfoundland is a prominent slate producing state.

In Europe the picture is very different. Whereas in many countries Slate roofing is well known, in the Netherlands it is almost non existing. Simply because we do not have rocks. Well, close to. Slates have to be imported.

Thanks to Richard Reagin, Research Coordinator with the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC), U.S.A.

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1 comment to Section on Slate Roofing added

  • Hi, Thanks for this informative post. Also, with the details mentioned, I can add the information associated with the technical specifications for the slate as well as the current rate of the market related to various groups of slate differentiations.