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Overall measurements to reduce maintenance, continued 2

Acer pseudoplatanus-platanoides

The first in this series was:  “Less is more”? Overall measurements to reduce maintenance.

In September 2015 we started to execute this plan in the left side garden compartment. Later in September  we continued in the main garden compartment, with the Acer palmatum "Bloodgood" and the Acer platanoides "Royal Red".  This was a quick win in that it was far more easier to remove the trees then to prune them.

The Acer pseudoplatanus "Brilliantissimuni" ( the orange-yellow one in between on this photo) was removed some years ago because of its leafs color that was too dominant.


Note that this was a photo of some years ago. As you can see the trees where over 6 meter (20 feet) high.

This photo shows the coloring in October 2009. It shows also the size of the crown after six year and that was the main reason to eliminate these trees. We will miss the bird activities like the woodpeckers. I will discuss this in a separate Blog-message.



So far we have determinant three  different woodpecker species. As you can see, in summer and in winter.


woodpecker in snow
acer-autumn october 2009


Below a photo of Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’, in 2012.


In the post: Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’ the pine-trees, however, this was before my illness in 2014 (A forced recess: Infective or bacterial Endocarditis).



The following photo's are from September 2015, after this massive pruning and thinning exercise, where also many branches have been removed.

Pinus densiflora after thinning

Pinus densiflora after thinning


The Pinus densiflora is definitely one of our prides. This tree also provides a sort of balance against the karikomi and hako-zukuri objects in the main-garden section.

To remove the Pinus densiflora  is almost unthinkable.

That is why we decided to make it easier and less cumbersome to maintain.

One should note that every bud left un-pruned is likely to grow 50 cm (2 feet) or more in one season.
Pinus densiflora after thinning

It took over two full containers to remove the branches and needles.


Continued... Overall measurements to reduce maintenance, continued 3.

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