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Midoritsumi, ‘green picking’ and Momiage ‘thinning’, combined





Due to my health status during 2014 (see: A forced recess: Infective or bacterial Endocarditis) for the first time ever, my wife (on here own initiative) had done Midoritsumi, the ‘green picking’ of our Pinus- densiflora.

This must have been a hell of a job, because it was done with a different tools set, from the ground level. At least halve of the buds are normally done while standing in the tree, which is much more convenient.











Qua timing it may have occurred too soon in the year, when most of the buds where too young.
We will probable never find out, but around August 2014 we had a second flush of growth with very long candles, that I needed to pinched.
This year (2015) this should be back to normal.

On my previous post named 'Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’ Pinus densiflora' I included a number close-up photos. Have a look for details.





Momiage, removing dead needles from pine. Because the growth is becoming more and more dense, dead needles get stuck and pile up in the steps, danzukuri. This is view up from the branches where most of the old, and dead needles, have been removed.  This will give the new shoots a better chance.

Last year I started using additional tools to remove the candles, using buxus-shears, hedge-shears and a hand pruner or pruning shears, secateurs scissors. Although it damages some needles, this saves me a couple of hours.







Although most important is removal of the larger buds, I actually take out any candle I come across. If not done so more work is left for the autumn and the shape will start changing again earlier in the year.
In this way the tree will look better during the remainder of the season. One should note that a bud left un-pruned is likely to grow 50 cm (2 feet) or more in one season.


This is a photo after the treatment on May 8, 2015.



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