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Winter season-impression: Weather-Gods garden-art

Snow-topped ripples in raked-gravel

After a delay the winter has now commenced. Last week we got some snow. At first a thin layer and later about 5 to 10cm (2-4 inch) in our part of the country. We also had the pleasure of a good frost (damage for this winter yet unknown).

This post gives a brief impression of some of the wonders-of-Nature or (almost) "works of art" created by the Weather-Gods, in our garden during January 2013. We had snowfall named driving snow, very dry snow and extreme winds, letting it snow horizontally from all directions.

Oribe-path with snow-filled joints (part)
After the driving snowfall we saw again a different Oribe path. This time the joints filled with fresh snow and the stepping stones kept completely free of snow, but hot wet. Hence the dark teint an the beautifull contrast with the virgin pure white snow in the joints.

Oribe-path with snow-filled joints

Oribe-path in summer

For comparison I have included a photo of the Oribe-path in summer.

The photo's of the path to the bottom of this post show the path in the leftsite-garden.

Side-path snowed

Site-path clean

In my february 2011 post Birds bathing and drinking during winter, I wrote about the fantastic bird-activity we get because of letting the water-fountain stream. even during winter. I also showed you how much we enjoy the birds, from very close distance.

Turtle Island birds in winter 2/3

The same is true for this repeating subject: Tracks in the snow.

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