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The Ginshanada and Island edges, a coastline

turtle-island-thyme-edges-IMG_1910The Ginshanada or ‘silver sand open sea’ coastline is in most places the intersection of the gravel area with the Tsukiyama “land-area” that can be found in the front-garden and in the main-garden compartment  (also see: my post ‘Tsukiyama, the edges in the front-garden’) and the coastline of islands, like the Kame-jima, ‘Turtle island’ in the front-garden. Here the different specimen of creeping groundcovers need to be kept under control. A major coastline is formed by the O-karikomi box-wood shrubs, and that is a very different story.


Depending on when the edges where last cut and the weather conditions in the winter season, an early treatment may be required. And that is what is the case this year. The Ginshanada or “silver sand open sea” coastline needs to be kept razor-sharp like it was painted or drawn. In the second week of April we have needly cut all these edges and we even have enforced parts of the coastline where soil was mixing with the gravel.

Rather then duplicating the work involved here I will place pointers to the comparable work we did last year.

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