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Groundcover maintenance and mosses unwanted

toolset-for-raking-out-mosses-IMG_2235w456Most of the unwanted mosses grow well or actually far too well, throughout the year, including the winter-period.Early in the year we have a close look to decide on what maintenance activity is required. This can be a raking-job, pulling or pinching or a chemical treatment. Whatever method used it is all very cumbersome.

In my earlier post: Undesired mosses and Groundcover maintenance you can see a raking and pulling activity. The less cumbersome but more drastic act of applying chemicals. 

This time we went for raking. Rrigorous raking early in the season. In some spots this raking was almost aerating. The most unwanted moss this year (well at least so far) is Hypnum cupressiforme (Dutch: Gesnaveld klauwtjesmos), and Hygrohypnum luridum (Hygrohypnum Moss, Drab Brook-moss, Dutch Gewoon spatwatermos) This raking will remove most of the moss but also damage the grouncovers. As the latter have only just started growing and are mostly still underground, this damage is limited and will do no harm to the groundcovering plants. Better so, the damage to the groundcover plants will evoke new growth and result in a more dense groundcover cloth.


A collection of photo’s of both methods, the manual and the chemical, can be found in this chapter: Unwanted moss removal.


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