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Winter in Tsubo-en, an impression

For sure winter has come in November-December. It started very early this year and continues for weeks already.  For weeks it has been freezing and we where still in 2010 ! Below we show a more or less random collection of photo’s that give a brief  impression of our snow-covered garden in December 2010. […]

A new type of modern karesansui garden


In my second article on the subject ‘Your own Japanese garden’ Part one and Part two, I list the Japanese garden archetypes as defined by the Tokyo Agricultural University. Modern Gardens from the last century and a half I must say that we are very impressed by many of Mirei Shigemori’s and Shunmyo Masuno’s, […]

Rule 0: Let no plant grow where you did not plant it


In the Tsubo-en website we have many pages with lessons learned (LL) at the bottom. Recently I started to include LL’s in this diary, classified as such. Having an IT-background, talking about lessons learned reminded me of: “Rule 0: Don’t make a mess of  it.” by Edsger W. Dijkstra, a Dutch computer scientist. This […]