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The first snow this winter


After a couple of days of frost and white frost, today we got the first snow this winter season. Nothing much, but still. This mostly implies that there will be little to no garden activity. Related: Year round activities in the garden , Season […]

Your own Japanese garden, part two

Kanji for fuzei in the Japanese flag

What types of Japanese garden can we distinguish ? In my previous article about this subject I wrote about considerations and decisions to be taken when you are going to build your own Japanese garden. In this article I’ll elaborate on that. As the Japanese garden evolved over 15 centuries it is difficult […]

Autumn colors and fallen leafs everywhere


Autumn coloration results in a totally different view of the garden, in more than one way For months the garden gets scattered with fallen leafs and needles. This may fit some gardens, due to the autumn feel, but does not fit ours. Collecting and removing fallen leafs is a major activity this and the next […]

Removing reed from the waterway bank


These photo’s give an impression of the annual removal of the reeds that grow on the opposite waterway bank at the back of our garden, owned by the golf course. These guy’s use the professional power tools that we can only dream of. This machine clips the reed and collects it in one go. […]

The plague named Blackbirds


Blackbirds are really, really fond of our garden. And so we used to be fond of Blackbirds. This photo only shows one of the damages the birds do to our garden. Beautiful moss taken out of the joints between the flatstones of our “hidden terrace”. No moss is save in the garden and most […]

Scrubbing the veranda deck to remove alga and moss


Well made decking is very attractive in its own right and is part of a Japanese shoinzukuri style building such as our house. Although our decking is profiled, not normally the case in Japan, it can become slippery with algae and even mosses. This needs to be frequently removed e.g. with a wire-brush when dry, […]