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Bamboo pruning, Pleioblastus pygmaeus


This Pleioblastus pygmaeus is one of the visual objects (see the definition in 2 – Design the architecture) of the Main garden tsukubai composition.

Most of the bamboo in our garden only gets the simple version of bamboo pruning. That is the removal of old dead canes and any new ones that are growing out of place and that escaped earlier inspections. One of these inspections was discussed in the post: Bamboo runner alert.

Once a year we remove the old dead canes by cutting them right at ground level, if possible. This is done after the flush of growth in the summer.

Take care not to cut any fresh canes. I take a dead cane or some dead canes between my fingers and follow the it from the top down to the ground or as close as I can get to the ground. There I cut it using my smallest hand pruner thus limiting the risk of cutting too many canes including new once.

Above I stated that this is the easy part of bamboo pruning. With that I refer to the fact that we do not yet apply more advanced pruning to raise the stems by cutting off the lower branches.

The photo above shows the bunch of old dead canes from this one ‘harvest’ in front of the container. In the container the runners that we found (photo’s below) and old leafs and branches that we removed.

bamboo-runner-pleioblastus-pygmaeusIMG_3900     bamboo-runner-sasaella -masamuneanaIMG_3905

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