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Cottony maple scale on our Acer Palmatum


Cottony maple scale insects (Dutch: wollige dopluis) feasting on our Acer Palmatum what a fun this is. One that has been especially abundant and a frequent visitor of our garden is the soft scale insect known as the cottony maple scale or Pulvinaria innumerabilis.

In our case this is a tree that is a part of the tsukubai in the main garden compartment. It is a maple Tamukeyama, Acer palmatum “Bloodgood”. It now has some snow-white flakes on it. The infection has just started. In other years we have seen the tree, leafs and branches, fully covered. It can be treated with either an “Internal agent” or “External agent” based insecticide. Or both, just be be sure.

Note that this photo shows the under side of the leafs, the upper side color is red.

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