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Chamaecyparis Lawsonia trimming

Next to our Cryptomeria Japonica (Lawson’s Cypress) “elegans” stands the Chamaecyparis Lawsonia “white spot”. After I had pruned the Cryptomeria ( post: Cryptomeria Japonica “elegans”, fukinaoshi-pruning ) I pruned the Chamaecyparis.


We prune our Chamaecyparis Lawsonia for shape. This pruning is part of a long running fukinaoshi treatment that entails pruning for shape and applies to most of our tall trees. The goal of this is to get it shaped into the “hollow” version of the tamazukuri style. Tamazukuri or balls. Different pruning styles for the shape of foliage on branches are given descriptive names. A ball is as round as possible.
For additional details see my post Larix (Europeaus) decidua, fukinaoshi-pruning. Were we do not use the electric box-trimmer (laying on the ground) to trim buxus, it is great for this conifer trimming.

Close to the ground you see brown parts. Unfortunately this is even worse on the other site that is just not visible here. This is due to spraying cats. We have some cats that do their daily necessities in the strip under the hedgerow. Now they have also developed this nasty habit.

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