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Ulmus parvifolia, Elm-tree prunning


At the left side of our Tsukubai in the front garden grows the Ulmus parvifolia “seijn” (elm, top of photo). It is trained in the “twins” (sokanshitate) style. The robust trunk has a very thick flacking cork-like bark even when the tree is very young. This in combination with the very small leathery, lustrous green single-toothed leaves, makes it a good bonsai candidate as well.

This miniature tree needs one annual pruning. Between times, once or twice a year, we take out only any long offshoots because we want it to look good year round. And this is what we did here, shown on the photo.

There are also plenty of offshoots on the trunk and the older parts of the branches, all of which we want to keep bare.

And yes, it is great summer weather.

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