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Time for irrigation, sunny, hot and dry

Now it is really summer. In our region (the Province of Flevoland, also known as “the New Land” (Dutch: Nieuwland, see House and garden ) it is hot, hot, hot, over 30 °C (86 F). Interestingly every week we have had at least one local heavy shower so far. Now the time has come to use our advanced irrigation- or sprinkler-system that is part of one of the three primary infrastructure facilities.


Sprinkler at water terrace seen from the main garden veranda


Sprinkler on tsukiyama in front of Mount Sumeru

With the sprinkler-system we cover about 2/3 of the grown surface. The other 1/3, part of the front garden, whole of the left side garden and part of the main garden (veranda side) is sprayed by hand. For this we have water-taps connected to the garden-pump, that takes its water from the waterway at the back of our garden, scattered throughout the garden. So we never need to use tap-water for irrigation purposes.

This was only the second time this year that we needed to switch the pump on. We had a relatively cool and dry April and May and hence needed to sprinkle early May. Before we can use the system after the winter period, we first install the pump and then clean the filters, inlet and and all sprinkler outlets.
And depending the conditions we need to do a little more, like removing the groundcover from the sprinkler, etc (see Preventive maintenance and repair).

As the photo’s show the Sun is very low on the horizon. Sprinkling should not be done during daytime but in the evening. The two most important reasons for doing so is the risk of leaf-burn when sprayed during sunshine. The other reason is that a minimum of water will evaporate and get a better change to penetrate the soil.

We frequently check our rain gauge to make sure that we water timely but also not to much. When we use the sprinkler-system we let it run for one or two hours to soak deeply in the root zone.

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2 comments to Time for irrigation, sunny, hot and dry

  • Even though we are having some of our driest weather in some time at the moment, irrigation hardly exists over here in Ireland outside of the garden centers. It is great to see how ye are using responsible methods for yer irrigation. Amazingly they are talking about hose pipe ban in parts of the country at the moment because of the lack of rain this year. Unfortunately rain water collection systems are also hardly heard of here, but would be the perfect country for them, with all the rain we do get.

  • talking about a hose pipe ban …yep, that does sound silly !

    However,… if we have a couple of hot and dry weeks there may be a ban on irrigation. In agriculture and horticulture most of the water is taken from waterways or pumped up out of wells.
    This practice carries the risk that the ground-water level becomes too low, and that can result in all sorts of problems. Hence the government is very keen on this.

    The province of Flevoland, that was created only some 50-60 years ago, lies under sea-level. The most important infrastructure facilities are the dikes to keep out the water and the whole system of drained waterways and canals to retain the desired water level within a well defined height.
    In our specific location, the waterways are owned by the golf-course and probably kept even more stringently within the required range.
    We ourselves have so far never been forbidden to withdraw from the waterway.