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Groundcover maintenance

The perennial groundcovers (and more or less evergreen) that grow on the surface of the Tsukiyama-area’s (artificial or man-made hill garden) ask for continuous attention.
Where we have been working on today and what we show here is what we use on most surfaces is Leptinella potentillina or squalida (prev. Cotula common name: “Water buttons” or “Buttonweeds”, Green Brass Buttons, (Dutch: Goudknopje ook wel Vedermos).

At this time most of it grows beautifully and looks really great. However there is an omnipresent and easily underestimated or neglected danger lurking, and that is that the groundcovers will be running to weeds.


One of the jobs that can (need) be done any time is removing weeds and mosses from the groundcovers. This is a meticulous and time-consuming job that we execute with (kitchen)tweezers. The type of weeds that are a real plague are small grasses and sagina subulata and the like, that grow almost year round. The Sagina, called ‘pearlworts’ or ‘Irish-Moss’, in our garden is so intertwined with the Cotula that there is now way to ever again get rid of it.

Regarding the unwanted mosses, our most hated enemies are Hypnum cupressiforme, cypress-leaved plait-moss and Hypnum jutlandicum, Hygrohypnum luridum and with its alternative style of growing, Marchantia polymorpha, common liverwort.


All of the above mentioned weeds are extremely fertile and would not hesitate to
take total control of any garden where they do like the biotope only just a little.

End of March beginning of April 2009 the mosses had taken over part of the groundcover, hence we needed to take serious measures. For the first time we used chemicals to attack the mosses. Although this initially looked dramatic, very soon after the result was promising. Follow the links to read and see more about this.