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Armeria Maritima flowering, continued


In my prior post,
Armeria Maritima flowering, caution ! (Marsh Daisy).
I told about timely removal of the flowers.

Now while removing the remainder (enjoying the flowering as long as possible) of the flowers, I realize that how I do this can be a useful tip for our readers.
So here it is.

Cutting the flower-stems one by one is a cumbersome job. However you do not want to damage the grass in the middle of which they grow. Here my tip.

The shears I use is a so called buxus-shears. Rather useless to clip our box it is great for this. Why ? Thanks to the long blades and one-hand usage it is easy to cut a whole bush of flowers. Taking in one hand a bush of stems, then place the open blade under your hands, lower the shears to the basis of the stems and cut. In this way you hold and cut a whole bunch of flowers and have pushed down the grass itself, because you want to damage that as little as possible.

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