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Hako-zukuri style Prunus lusitanica “tree”


The Prunus lusitanica and the triangular Buxus sempervirens in front of it need regular clipping and pruning to keep the proper shape. Both get pruned and clipped in the so called Hako-zukuri style (see: Karikomi and hako-zukuri) (shrubs clipped into boxes and straight lines). The Prunus lusitanica is a strong grower and needs to […]

Armeria Maritima flowering, continued


In my prior post, Armeria Maritima flowering, caution ! (Marsh Daisy). I told about timely removal of the flowers. Now while removing the remainder (enjoying the flowering as long as possible) of the flowers, I realize that how I do this can be a useful tip for our readers. So here it is. Cutting […]

Raking the Ginshanada, flat and level


A frequently recurring job is raking the gravel area’s, the largest one being the Ginshanada. Basically there are two distinct forms of raking: Flat and level. Patterns. Even if we rake a pattern, the surface still needs to get raked flat and level. For this we use, you already guessed, the flat side of the […]

Pike attack (Esox lucius, carnivorous fish)


Today Marijke (my wife) called (yelled) me, in an extremely excited way, to come quickly. Bet you, I came as swift as I could. First came the disappointment. She was not at all exited by anything to do with my person. Instead it was about a really big fish she saw in the waterway […]

Tsukiyama, the edges in the main-garden


The weather is great for gardening. Partially overcast and around 20 degree Centigrade (68 °F). After the Tsukiyama/gravel-edges in the front-garden we did a couple of days ago we yesterday clipped the Leptinella Tsukiyama / Ginshanada-edges in the main-garden compartment as described in post ‘Tsukiyama, the edges in the front-garden’. Some job, because the length […]

Wild ducks swimming in our “sea”


Of all “trespassers” these are the least of a burden. We regard the presence of this couple of wild ducks in our garden as a compliment. Despite the high level of abstraction they seam to recognize our Ginshanada (open sea) as such. Related: Approach to realization of a (Japanese Zen) garden, How to typify, […]

Tsukiyama, the edges in the front-garden


Most of the Tsukiyama surface is covered by the same species of a low growing ground covering plant. Like in our previous post about the Turtle Island groundcover, we also want to keep these edges, that is the Tsukiyama (land) gravel (sea) junction, razor-sharp. This is far more difficult as the Leptinella (aka Cotula) grows […]

Razor-sharp thyme edges


Most of the “body” of the Turtle Island is covered by Thyme, Thymus Praecox pseudo langinosus (see Groundcovers). The Thyme grows beautifully and is a slow creeper. We like to keep the edges razor-sharp, like they where painted, and this Thyme is ideal for that. It can be left unattended for a while and will […]

Armeria Maritima flowering, caution !


Our Turtle Island (Kame-jima or Hõrai-jima) is located in a part of the Sea that is located in the front garden compartment. The only Armeria Maritima that we have is covering a part of the Island. Now when the Armeria is in full bloom, it is as if there is a blanket of clouds […]

Ants are in our pest top five


Ants are keeping us more than just busy. Again one of these useful harmless insects ? Despite of the fact that ants belong to the social insects they do not at all behave as such in our garden. In my previous post I told about the bamboo-shoots (the two white stripes, center-down). When I lifted […]