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Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’ Pinus densiflora


So far we have had an unusual spring.  Most of the time cold northerly wind.  Not at all pleasant to work in the garden. On May 18th we finally had a ‘better day’ to do the special pruning of most of our pine-trees, in particular or Pinus densiflora, Japanese Red Pine akamatsu in the main […]

Website “diary” work in progress

Just started work on this “diary”. This Blog is work in progress and will become an addition to the “Year round” garden activities page. I am a bit hooked up to the lay-out of the Tsubo-en website also with the idea that it should be possible to move the whole lot into her if and […]

Wisteria sinensis in bloom


After a very bad winter our wisteria is flowering again. And it looks great ! However this year we count about 100 pendulous racemes with flowers. Last year it looked fabulous with over 600 racemes ! Have a look in Some (garden) activities during May 2009. Related: Wisteria sinensis pruning. […]

Bonsai R.I.P.


Our pride bonsai, the 23 year old oak, Quercus robur, was grown from an acorn we found in nature and dates back to 1987. Unfortunately it did not make it through the indoor winter period (in our garage) and died in the winter 2009/2010. We had to wait to be sure it had died because […]