A collection of video's related to Japanese gardens and gardening

Most of the video clips shown are freely available on the Internet, that is if you know where to find them. This is one of the reasons to bring them to you on this page. An other reason is to ensure that the files remain available.
The initial slide-show shows some Tjubo-en Tsukiyama low angle views.
Although our focus is on karesansui there are also clips related to the whole subject of Japanese gardens and gardening.
If we find clips of interest these will be added. Scroll the playlist with mouse, up/down arrow-keys or mouse wheel.
Some Tsubo-en clips are also avalable on YouTube and DailyMotion.
For a video-clip including thematic use of Zen characteristics based on Tsubo-en see the Fujitsu Internet mood film "Zen means real attention".

Tsubo-en, low angle tsukiyama view

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Notes to some Video clips and additional clips and links

Some videos need further explanation or additional information. With reference to the above original title, such information is written in this section.
Clips placed here are in principle educational and may or may not also be entertaining.

Interactive panoramic view of Zuiho-in

Hold your mouse button down and move left or right (and up or down) to view a single 360 panorama of a beatifull karesansui garden.
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Try this smaller, "local" version and click the thumbnail-photo:

Interactive panoramic view of Zuiho-in, Kyoto
This shows an interactive view of the south garden of Zuiho-in, a long and narrow area that depicts an impressive coastal mountain, with turbulent waters of the ocean and an inland bay.
Zuiho-in is subsidiary temple of Daitoku-ji, Kyoto. It was established in 1546 by the Christian daimyo O-tomo So-rin, who laid out the stones in the "Garden of the Cross", the north garden, in the pattern of a Christian Cross.
The garden was extended and revised by Mirei Shigemori 6 ) in 1961 [11].

Jichinsai or Ground breaking ceremony

A description of the ground breaking ceremony is available in the "Notes to the text" 11 page.

The largest (temporary) karesansui garden ever ?

Zen in 't Bat / Venlo /June-September 2008 i.c.w. Diederik Klomberg
.......They used 350.000 kg pebbles on a surface of 4500 m2 to change the parking place into a Zen Garden.

The city of Venlo put up a fight with drugs-related business around the Maaskade (Quay de Meuse). Drugshops are bought up, the district gets a cultural destination and the name Q4. To give reputation to the district 4 national artists were asked to make a plan to transform the Maaskade temporarily by art.
Klomberg and Parlevliet came with a plan to change the parking place near the Meuse into a Zen garden and arranged in the period of the exhibition several events, such as meditation workshops, tea ceremony ordered by mobile telephone, musical performences and a finissage around the theme 'light and fire'.
They used 350.000 kg pebbles on a surface of 4500 m2 to change the parking place into a Zen Garden.
The largest (temporary) karesansui garden ever ?

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