Regular activities and cleaning-up

The tools used for general activities that fall under the denominator "regular cleaning-up" are rather divers, but are often part of the common household equipment.

These are some recognizable and frequently used tools taken as an example.

Cleaning the gravel area

The Ginshanada and other gravel area's in Tsubo-en occupy a large area that needs to be tip-top clean and neatly straight and/or raked into patterns.

To see what we did and to read how we did it select a photo.

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In autumn, lots of leafs all over the place.
These need to be removed not only for reasons aesthetic.

The leafs on the photo are actually not ours but got blown in from public places and neighbouring gardens.
Leaving old leafs and other debris in your garden is like putting out a welcome mat for pests and pathogens. Many insects over winter in such debris, and they will get an early start nibbling on your plants the following spring.


A couple of times per year we use fertilizer in the garden. We will not go into detail to answer the many related questions such as: What kind of manure is available ?
In what quantities should I spread it ?
At what time of year should it be put onto the garden ?
Where can you get it?
There are many websites that will give you that information and more.

There are many different types of fertilizers on the market and we use only a small selection of them. Some of these are packaged for certain uses or types of plants. We mostly use the more general types that often require different application methods.

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