History of changes

This page contains the change history of this web site.
Frequent visitors may find it handy to know what was changed after their last visit.
Note that minor and cosmetic changes will not be included here. Also not included are regular and frequent updates like the activities in the Year round chapter that gets frequently updated to reflect the latest activities. In the Year round section we have added an index for easy navigation throughout a "gardening year".
As of May 2010 the former has more or less been frozen as regular updates are now posted in our Diary-blog !

Date (week of) Description of changes
5 June 2020 Miner small maintenance updates (links etc.).
1 September 2017 We sold the estate to start a new live in an historic, now appartment, once a monastery.
22 April 2017 Miner small maintenance updates.
28 December 2015 Updates in the House And Garden, at the bottom a new section of Slate Roofing.
2014 A forced recess: Infective or bacterial Endocarditis, and cerebral infarction.
23 June 2013 Updates in the List of Japanese garden websites.
17 March 2012 Changes to the Site search funtion that did no longer function correctly.
8 Augustus 2011 Made some textual changes to the infrastructure page.
10 November 2010 Added a beautiful 26 minutes filmed portrait of Shunmyo Masuno. The information and link has been added to the relevant note.
20 June 2010 Added translation option to the right column.
31 May 2010 Today we have activated a Blog or Diary, as an addition to the "Year round" activities, that will remain more or less fixed from now on. See the link in the site-header,   ... to our Diary Blog.
20 May 2010 The high level domain name www.karesansui.nl is no longer in use. If you come across any problem (e.g. due to use of that domain-name) please be so kind to inform me. Thanks.
6 May 2010 Added 3D-views by GoogleEarth streetview. See Integration of house and garden
28 Jan 2010 Added a page with popular and extraordinary Japanese Garden books. Mostly English-language and some Dutch-language.
23 Nov 2009 Wisteria sinensis pruning as the last pruning in any year, has some additional photo's and instructions.
3 Oct 2009 The Year round activities page has been updated to reflect the latest activities. In addition we have added an index for easy navigation throughout a "gardening year".
17 July 2009 Karesansui is now also available on Twitter, communicating the latest substantial changes. Click the Twitter logo under the left menu navigation bar.
14 July 2009
25 June 2009
We normally do not log changes in Recent Activities in this list. Due to the exceptional nature of this months activities we have now included it. See Recent Activities, Tsubo-en The Movie.
14 July 2009: Added the Fujitsu mood film here.
2 June 2009 In Training, clipping and pruning we added a section on Pinus Mugo mugo.
11 May 2009 Introduction of the new domain-name: www.zen-garden.org. As of today www.karesansui.nl gets redirected to this new domain. As off April 2010 the karesansui.nl domain is no longer mine.
5-7 May 2009 Added the results of our investigation into use of chemicals to remove mosses from the groundcovers. See: Unwanted moss removal.
In Training, clipping and pruning added a section on Pinus densiflora, Japanese Red Pine.
Added: Wisteria sinensis pruning.
1 May 2009 Added a new page: "Nightingale floors".
23 April 2009 Eleven months after bringing www.karesansui.nl  "on the air", the website is now complete but not (never ?) finished.
Complete in that all subjects of the six iterative garden realization phases, as described in Approach and Realization have now been addressed into sufficient detail.
Not finished in that this is a "living" book that will get continuously enhanced and extended with additional details and subjects of interest using (new) techniques like this Underlined text with "tip" (point with the mouse-pointer).
An other important aspect being the Maintenance and tuning to bring the garden to full maturity and to keep it in such state.
9 April 2009 Added a Visual Table of Contents Cross reference of miscellaneous subject-pages.
30 March 2009 Completed a starter-set of the six identified tasks for Maintenance and tuning.
Added the two last ones Regular tidy-up and Preventive & Repair.
28 March 2009 New is the Visual Table of Contents Maintenance and tuning in Tsubo-en and three new (total 4 now) of the underlying chapters as a start. See Maintenance and tuning.
Pest & weeds control, Training, clipping and pruning and Bottom surface maintenance.
24 March 2009 Added a new chapter Fukinaoshi, "to re-do" overgrown trees.
19 March 2009 Added new chapters Our Yotsumigaki bamboo entrance fence and Construction of a bamboo fence (take gaki).
11 March 2009 Added a (starter) Alphabetical list of garden websites in Japan.
Made a start with "look and feel" improvements based on new technology.
23 Feb 2009 We have now opened up the dormant forum. See the bottom left-menu option. Here we offer a friendly place to discuss the subject of Japanese gardens and gardening. Welcome !
15 Feb 2009 Added a study into Samurai residence gardens. There is a lot of information but this still has to be finished.
On March 12, 2009 we have more or less finished this thesis with the incormation we got from Mr. Kyoko Sata, President of the Cultural Division of Chiran.
5 Feb 2009 Added an info-page on Fuji Musume' or "Wisteria Maiden" with a link on the relevant pages: Fuji Musume, the Wisteria Maiden.
30 Jan 2009 Added a slide-show that shows a collection of ink paintings and the type of paintings on which Japanese gardens where based. Monochrome landscape ink painting examples.
28 Jan 2009 Added more examples from Japan:
Stone and rock: Stone settings,
Tsukiyama examples,
Karikomi and hako-zukuri topiary examples,
Objects and Ornaments examples
Borrowed scenery (shakkei technique) examples
Islands examples
Enclosures examples
Niwaki (plants) examples
Special purpose (step) stones examples.
24 Jan 2009 Additional examples have been added.  N e w !
Also new is an Example selection in the "Visual Table of Contents".
This is work in progress !

Thanks to Professor Anker Nielsen, who kindly gave me permission to link subject-area example photo's, directly from his superb photo collection of Japanese gardens.
Buddhist triad examples
Tsukubai and chozubachi examples
Fences examples.
22 Jan 2009 Added lanterns examples from Japan:
Lanterns examples.
21 Jan 2009 Added paths examples from Japan:
Paths examples.
19 Jan 2009 Added the first in a series of examples from Japan:
Gravel and raking examples.
11 Jan 2009 Added a "Video clips" menu option and added: A collection of video clips related to Japanese gardens and gardening.
30 Dec 2008 Added a section on the definition of beauty and realization of a Japanese garden in How to typify, architect and compose a Japanese garden ?.
15 Dec 2008 Added a virtual training ginshanada to test or improve your raking skills ? Raking training.
During your study of this site it may be handy to have the groundplan at hand. In the site-footer and some other places a hyperlink: Groundplan pop-up, has been added that brings up the groundplan in an independent pop-up window.
13 Dec 2008 Added a complete section on the actual construction of the garden Build and construction of the integral design.
2 Dec 2008 Moved and added elements in the Visual Table of Contents and added a chapter: Terraces.
11 Nov 2008 Added elements to the Visual Table of Contents and added a chapter: Borrowed scenery.
10 Nov 2008 Added a Visual Table of Contents.
6 Nov 2008 Added the The left garden compartment and The water garden compartment chapters.
5 Nov 2008 Added the The front garden compartment chapter.
31 Oct 2008 Moved Plants and planting in Tsubo-en to a separate chapter and added an Index of plants in Tsubo-en.
30 Oct 2008 Added the last planting chapter: Miscellaneous plants.
28 Oct 2008 Added a new planting chapter: Evergreen trees.
24 Oct 2008 Added a new planting chapter: Deciduous trees and added a Guestbook.
21 Oct 2008 Added a new planting chapter: Bushes.
16 Oct 2008 Added a new planting chapter: Groundcovers.
10 Oct 2008 Added the first dedicated planting chapter: Mosses and lichen
5 Oct 2008 Added the chapter: Miscellaneous garden ornaments and small objects
2 Oct 2008 Realization split in Approach to realization of a (Japanese Zen) garden (new menu option) and a separate page Specifics on the realization of Tsubo-en. Addes pictograms and some additions.
23 Sept 2008 Added a chapter on the Tsukubai and chozubachi. Additions to the Veranda page.
14 Sept 2008 Conversion of this site to XHTML. Added site search feature.
27 Aug 2008 Restructuring of the menu, home and overview pages. Separated activities into a dedicated page.
21 Aug 2008 On 17th August 2008 the Tsubo-en Mount Sumeru has been erected !
Chapter Tsukiyama has been updated to reflect this.
Chapter Main garden karikomi and hako-zukuri is new.
10 Aug 2008 Added chapter Tsukiyama as part of The main garden compartment chapter.
7 Aug 2008 Added a chapter on the Veranda as part of The main compartment chapter.
3 Aug 2008 Added recent photo´s to the Virtual tour, primarily trees. Some minor other changes.
26 July 2008 Added The main compartment chapters: The Ginshanada, gravel area and Paths, Roji. Please note that these chapters are accessible from the book "table of contents" in the Overview page and from the relevant chapter in the Realization page.
21 July 2008 Added instructions on how to make a rake, see Tooling.
18 July 2008 Changed the content of the home page to reflect the purpose of this site.
Started a new page Visible Objects under Select the visible-objects.
13 July 2008 Started work on elaboration of the Realization phase 3: Select the visible objects.
This is work in progress and may take until 2009 to finish.
3 July 2008 Section Literature [c]. Added multiple documents on: "Kansei", the perceptual and cognitive abilities to intuitively/deductively feel, comprehend, and appreciate the appearance of an object, scene, and consequently, the world around us and studies into Karesansui. Related to Design the architecture
28 June 2008 Section Realization, Design the architecture. Added text and photo´s about the starting situation.
20 June 2008 Added: How to typify, architect and compose a Japanese garden ? to the Realization page (just above this header).
18 June 2008 Added this changes page.
23 May 2008 The Tsubo-en home, www.karesansui.nl, ... "on the air".
3 January 2005 The garden was first made available on our private website: http://www.xs4all.nl/~patings
1997 - present Our first real karesansui garden, Tsubo-en (2).
1987 - 1997 Our first "full" Japanese garden, named Tsjubo-en ¹.
1983 - 1986 Our first acquaintance with Japanese gardens and gardening ¹.

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