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Japanese garden related literature

For your convenience we have added a page with popular and extraordinary English-language Japanese Garden books.

I - Books referenced in the text

These are some books referenced in the text. The first nine in the list where used during the design and construction period. Number ten and up came available later but can be recommended nonetheless.

Hovering over the book titles in the tables below will show Amazon book details.

[1] Kuitert, Wybe Themes in the History of Japanese Garden Art J.C.Gieben, Publisher, Amsterdam (1988) ISBN 0-5063-021-9
[2] Nitschke, Günter Japanese Gardens Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH, Köln (1991) ISBN 3-8228-0556-4
[3] Bring, Mitchell and Wayembergh, Josse Japanese Gardens: Design and Meaning McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York. (1981) ISBN 0-07-007826-2
[4] Kuck, Loraine The World of the Japanese Garden: From Chinese Origins to Modern Landscape Art John Weatherhill, Inc. of New York and Tokyo (1968, 1984) ISBN 0-8348-0029-2
[5] Hoover, Thomas Zen culture Arkana, Penguin Group, London (1977) ISBN 0-14-019163-1
[6] Ohashi, Haruzo Japanese Garden II Publishing Co., Ltd, Tokyo. (1986) Graphic-sha ISBN 4-7661-0390-4
[7] Sawano, Takashi, et al The Art of Japanese Gardening Artia, Prague (1981, 1989) ISBN 0-600-55110-5
[8] Freeman/Nosé The Modern Japanese Garden Mitchell Beazley, London (2002) ISBN 1-84000-505
[9] Herwig, Rob Tuin planten encyclopedie Groen Boekerij, Zomer & Keuning, Ede/Antwerpen (1977/1990) ISBN 90 210 0355-4
[10] Kenkichi, Ono and Edwards, Walter Bilingual (English and Japanese) Dictionary of Japanese Garden Terms.

As of 2010 also available on the Web: Japanese Garden Dictionary
Kansai Process, Nara (2001) Karesansui. p.20
[11] Tschumi, Christian Mirei Shigemori: Modernizing the Japanese Garden
Hardcover 2007 edition:
Mirei Shigemori - Rebel in the Garden: Modern Japanese Landscape Architecture
Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, California, USA (2005)

ISBN 1-880656-94-9
[12] Hobson, Jake Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Japanese Garden Trees Timber Press, Portland, Origon, USA (2007) ISBN-13 978-0-88192-835-8
[13] Bachenheimer Resnick, Susan M. Bonsai Swallow Publishing Ltd. (1991). Terra Publishing ISBN 90-6255-566-7 (Dutch translation)
[14] Takei, Jiro and Keane, Marc Peter Sakuteiki: Visions of the Japanese Garden (Tuttle Classics of Japanese Literature) Tuttle Publishing, 2001

Paperback (2008)
ISBN 0-8048-3294-3

ISBN 978-0-8048-3968-6
[15] Yoshikawa, Isao Building Bamboo Fences Japan Publications Trading Company (5 Oct 2001) ISBN-4-8899-6080-5
[16] Toshiro Inaji (Author), Pamela Virgilio (Translator) The Garden As Architecture: Form and Spirit in the Gardens of Japan, China, and Korea Kodansha International (JPN); illustrated edition edition (September 1998) ISBN13-978-4770017123

II - On-line papers

The following table lists some relevant on-line papers.

The documents in this table have been located on the Internet and where, at the time, freely accessible.
To ensure their lasting availability the documents have been placed on the "local" server.
If and when applicable, any and all (©) rights for these document are with the original owner.
For other than personal use please see and/or contact the originating website for further information.

[a] Christian Tschumi A Study of a New Type of Karesansui Garden.

Download: ChristianTschumi.pdf
Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.
See the abstract: Note 6
Journal Code:F0408A
[b] Johnson,
Norris Brock
Zen Buddhist Landscapes and the idea of Temple: Muso Kokushi and Zuisen-Ji, Kamakura, Japan.

Download: JOHNSON.pdf
Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina, CB3115, Alumni Building. Chapel Hill, NC27599-3115, U.S.A. Arch.&Comport./Arch.& Behav., Vol.9, no.2,p.213-226 (1993)






See Note 9 first.

Gert J. van Tonder, Michael J. Lyons, Yoshimichi Ejima

Gert J. van Tonder, Michael J. Lyons

Gert J. van Tonder, Michael J. Lyons

Gert J. van Tonder

Michael J. Lyons, Gert J. Van Tonder, Ian Shortreed,
Nobuji Tetsutani
Visual Perception of Japanese Gardens.

Visual perception in karesansui gardens.
Download: IAEA_2002_Visual_Perception.pdf

Visual structure of a Japanese Zen garden.
Download: nature_v419_2002.pdf

Visual perception in Japanese Rock Garden Design.
Download: axiomathes_2005.pdf

Eight lessons from karesansui.
Download: 8lessonsfromkaresansui.pdf

Calming Visual Spaces: Learning from Kyoto Zen Gardens
Download: siggraph2002.pdf
Media Information Science Laboratories (MISL)

International Association of Empirical Aesthetics


Springer 2005

Group for research and communication on Kansei


Proceedings: 17th Congress of the IAEA 4-8 August 2002 Takarazuka, Japan. Initial study excl. "empty space".

Brief communications.

This is the full study including "empty space".

Proceedings of The First International Workshop on Kansei.

Abstract of "empty space".
[d] Edzard Teubert, Fuzei Gardens, Ltd Pruning strategy
Download: - Pruning Strategy.pdf
Online Seminars for Municipal Arborists No longer available from Online Seminars.
[e] Susan Clare Scott, McDaniel College Sacred Earth: Daoism as a Preserver of Environment in Chinese Landscape Painting From the Song through the Qing Dynasties (Page 72 / 98).
Download: EWC2006_Final.pdf.
Fig 4, page 84; Fig 11, page 91.
The Asian Studies Development Program. The ASDP Association of Regional Centers, Georgia Philosophy Series East-West Connections: Review of Asian Studies. EWC2006_Final.pdf, Volume 6, Number 1, 2006.
[f] Huntington, Professor John C. History of Art 681, Japan Pre-Historic & Buddhist Art.
Download: huntington_JC_18 Japan Bud.pdf (9 Mb)
Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art Lecture 18: Zen, Presentation
Huntington Archive online
Great ink paintings of Shubun and Sesshu and material on Daitoku-ji complex and the Daisen-in subtemple.
[g] Wybe Kuitert Research articles and books by Wybe Kuitert.
Prof.Dr.Ir. Wybe Kuitert Landscape architect BNT, Wageningen, Netherlands
[h] Arno Suzuki The learning process of Japanese gardens.
Download: TheLearningProcess.pdf
Member of the Academic Society of Japanese Garden. Also available from TheLearningProcess

III - Books referenced in the text not directly related

The table below shows books referenced in the text not directly related to the subject of Japanese gardens.

[A] Peter, John The Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews With the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century/Book and Cd Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publisher, New York (1994) ISBN 0-8109-3669-0
[B] Thomson, Iain Frank Lloyd Wright: A Visual Encyclopedia Grange Books PLC, Rochester. Kent, UK (1999) ISBN 1-84013-240-X
[C]  - -  Japan: including country map. rev. ed. [1987]. soft cover. Baedeker Stuttgard Germany (1987) ISBN 3-87504-205-0
[D] Stephen Turnbull, Angus McBride Samurai - The World of the Warrior Osprey Publishing (2006) ISBN 1841769517
[E] Neal Dunnigan Zen Stories of the Samurai Global Thinking Books (2005) -

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