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These are some links that we regard of interest to the subject. This page will get frequently updated.
Note that Wikipedia contains a growing number of entries from Japanese gardens and temples to plants, mosses and whatever you may be looking for. For additional, more specific information it is worthwhile to give it a try, perhaps even in your own language.

I - Websites with photo's of karesansui gardens in Japan

These are the Japanese gardens that served as examples and inspired us for the Tsubo-en design.
The gardens are not necessarily pure karesansui gardens as such but will at least have karesansui elements of our interest.
We have visited some of these, others we found in books. These days the world wide web is an almost infinite source of information an photo´s
At the time that we visited Japan we took photo´s using slides. We need to scan these in and put them on this site.

1 The Tofuku-ji temple garden has a high level of abstraction and has a number of subtemples.
Subtemple Reiun-in (this site has photo´s of many temples.
2 Daichiji is what inspired us for our own O-karikomi.
Also in JGarden (below): Daichi-ji.
3 The professor Anker Nielsen site has an impressive Kyõto section.
Most of the gardens that inspired us can be found here:
Daitoku-ji, subtemple Daisen-in.
Tofuku-ji and the Daisen-in subtemple (e.g. the Buddhist Triad or trinity).
more on Raikyu-ji.
5 Konchi-in. Also see below.
6 Also see: Ryoan-ji.
7 Funda-in The southern garden is one of the oldest karesansui gardens in Kyoto. It was originally laid out by Sesshu Toyo (1420-1506), a master of suiboku-ga (ink painting) and Zen Buddhist priest, before the style of abstract karesansui was established.

II - Other sites that address, link to, or show photo's of karesansui gardens or elements in Japan


A beautiful site with information on Japanese culture including karesansui gardens.

On Buddhist artwork online store and gallery you can find an exceptional collection of handcrafted Buddha Statues from Japan, China, and SE Asia.

The Japanese garden database. Lots of information here, including garden links.
Japanese garden terms.
3 This site of professor Anker Nielsen has a pile of photos of Japanese gardens. Look e.g. for Chiran.
4 The Japanese garden.
Here an interesting collection of Japanese garden elements and objects can be viewed.
5 Portland Japanese garden One of the best outside Japane and a very good website.
6 "phototravels" is no longer in existence. Photo Gallery of Japanese Zen Gardens, Kyoto.
Great photo´s mostly on karesansui elements.
7 Komyozenji Temple Here rivers and streams that meander through the trees, which is very unique, are represented by raked gravel area's. Komyozenji was built during the Kamakura Period just next to Dazaifu Tenmangu, Dazaifu town, just a little way from Fukuoka. Dazaifu Tenmangu is the first and most important of several hundreds of shrines built and dedicated to the spirits of Sugawara Michizane, an influential scholar and politician of the Heian Period, who has later been identified with Tenjin, the kami of education.

III - Sites that address related topics

1 JAANUS, the on-line Dictionary of Japanese Architectural and Art Historical Terminology
2 A site dedicated to a better understanding of Zen Buddhism.
Here you will find access to a wide variety of materials about Zen Buddhism, its history, teachings, and philosophy as well as some critiques of Zen. There are also some links to non-Zen topics which you may find interesting. Please browse around.
3 A comprehensive on-line resource for zen and buddhism practitioners providing information on history, principles, meditation guide, zen and buddhism related media (books, art, video and audio), organizations directory, and links to additional on-line resources.
4 Uchiyama: Information about Japan (Dutch only)
5 This is a resource for gardeners, students, teachers, and professionals in horticulture. The section on Japanese Gardens offers info and views of gardens in Japan as well as Kumamoto En of San Antonio Botanical Gardens in the United States. Information on Japanese garden maintenance is also provided.
6 Japanese words about gardens.
7 Japanese tea ceremony.
8 The Urasenke Tradition of Tea.
Konnichian -- The Urasenke Home.
9 Landscape Journal abstract
Also available in II - On-line papers
as [ a ].
Between Tradition and Modernity: The Karesansui Gardens of Mirei Shigemori. A study by Christian A. Tschumi.
See the abstract: Note 6.
Landscape Jrnl.5(1):108-125(2006);doi:10.3368/lj.25.1.108
10 Japan National Tourist Organization History and Culture page The index gives an easy entry into a number of related subjects like architecture, gardens, Buddhism etc.
11 International Research Center for Japanese Studies (English version available) Databases, links, literature and more.
12 The Japanese Garden Journal.
13 International Association of Japanese Gardens.
14 Historical Architecture of Asia A photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage including many Temples and gardens in Japan with interesting photo's on details.
15 Guide to Japanese Castles.
16 "My Kind of Kyoto, a website on a historic city of Japan". Temples and Shrines in Kyoto.
17 Bonsai for Beginners FTD By Design: "Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners".
18 Bonsai Tree Care for Beginners Bonsai "THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE".

IV - Sites with plant information

1 The Gymnosperm Database, the web's premier source of information on conifers and their allies.
2 Bamboo Information and Pictures.
3 Index of Mosses Database.
4 Index of over 7000 plants, Latin names, common names and much more.
5 Botanysaurus Japanese Garden Reference on gardens, plants, tools and more.
6 - Obsolate.
7 Beginner's Page by Brent Walston: What Are Bonsai?.
8 Encyclopedia of Life (EOL). Project to organize and make available via the Internet virtually all information about life present on Earth... including many of the plants that can be found in a Japanese garden.

V - Alphabetical list of garden websites in Japan

The Alphabetical list of garden websites in Japan has a separate page. Click the hyperlink.

The purpose of this table is to list Japanese gardens with web-presence. Original sites are preferred but only if they incorporate good garden photos. Complementary alternative references can be included if this contains good photos and/or English language. As a last resort Wikipedia entries may be included. The latter only if that entry contains good garden pictures.

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