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Wild ducks swimming in our “sea”


Of all “trespassers” these are the least of a burden. We regard the presence of this couple of wild ducks in our garden as a compliment. Despite the high level of abstraction they seam to recognize our Ginshanada (open sea) as such. Related: Approach to realization of a (Japanese Zen) garden, How to typify, […]

Razor-sharp thyme edges


Most of the “body” of the Turtle Island is covered by Thyme, Thymus Praecox pseudo langinosus (see Groundcovers). The Thyme grows beautifully and is a slow creeper. We like to keep the edges razor-sharp, like they where painted, and this Thyme is ideal for that. It can be left unattended for a while and will […]

Ants are in our pest top five


Ants are keeping us more than just busy. Again one of these useful harmless insects ? Despite of the fact that ants belong to the social insects they do not at all behave as such in our garden. In my previous post I told about the bamboo-shoots (the two white stripes, center-down). When I lifted […]

Swans and cygnets

This week we had the pleasure that the swans came to show-off their youngsters. Initially the four cygnets where sitting on the back of their mommy. Unfortunately not on photo. Water front (back side) garden compartment. […]

Heron gluttony ?


This heron was seen the day after we first saw the Coot youngsters. The heron is standing here just opposite our backgarden water front, on the other side of the water (on the golf course), where the photo of ‘our’ Coot youngsters was taken. Although not a predator as such, a heron knows its way. […]

Coot and youngsters


After many weeks of hard labor, on May 31, 2010 ‘our’ Coot’s youngsters left their nest. There where two of them. I say ‘where’ because today (June 1st) we only see the parents ! Below, the abandoned nest that has been neatly coated with old bamboo leafs. This is the Water front (back side) […]