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Resurrection of our Wisteria sinensis

In Frost damage 2011/2012, final damage report I wrote about the frost-damage in our garden during the winter 2011/2012 and the subsequent growth and our attempts to give it a second life.

This frost damage was particularly sat with regard to our garden pride, the solitary Wisteria sinensis. Now the second season after the disaster, we have a very late spring. Temperatures have been far too low, lots of rain and little sun shine.

Now in the last week of may, we can make up the next damage report. The conclusion is that it survived.  It is not as good as I had hoped for a few weeks ago, but it is far better than we expected at the beginning of last year.

Wisteria-sinensis 1st re-bloom in 2013
The top flowers, although there are plenty buds, are not yet in bloom and will probably take an other week or two.

An other observation is the fact that the raceme are more open, having only halve the number of flowers each, and thus the flowers are far less dense than two years ago.

See earlier post: Abundant bloom of our Wisteria sinensis for the 2011 photo’s.

We are glad that it survived and the next years I0ll be working to get it back into a free standing “solitary tree” shape.

For comparison a May 2011 photo.

Wisteria-sinensis, May 2011