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Tracks in the snow

After an extreme delay the winter has now commenced.  Last week we got about 20 cm (8 inch) snow. We also had the pleasure to be the coldest spot in the country with -22,9 °C (-9.2F).

It’s exciting to find trails in the snow of “wild creature”. While we have no clue what wildlife is likely prowling nearby and what it is they are “hunting”.  It is interesting to read the stories they’ve left in the snow while doing their things.

Birds are very busy and very visible, specially during daytime. Mammals we sometimes catch in summer evenings and now we see their footprints in the snow.

At the waterside we have Cotoneaster “Coral beauty” that carries lots of berries. These are frequently visited by birds but it would be no surprise if other animals also know to find these. 

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