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Late winter or no winter 2011/2012

The first frost we had in the Winter of 2011-2012So far we have not seen any real winter weather. It is more like an extremely long autum.

Last week we had the very first frost of this season on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17nd of January 2012. This is exceptionally late! And it actually lasted only 2 nights, and only just below 0°C.

What we did have in Summer and in Spring, but also up to now, is rain, plenty of rainfall, and actually far to much of it.

This shows that the drainage-system that we constructed in the garden, in particular under the Ginshanada (i.e. our gravel “Sea”) is not at all a luxury, it is a pure necessity.

Rain, rain and rain in the Winter of 2011-2012, her the Ginshanada

It sometimes takes a couple of hours until all the water has disappeared but imagine if we had forgotten about, or just omitted, the drainage.

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