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Wisteria sinensis winter pruning

Over winter the Wisteria side shoots need to get pruned back to 6 to 10 cm long (2.5 – 4 inch), leaving only 2 or 3 buds on the side-shoots. These will be the flowering spurs on the Wisteria.

This pruning should be carried out each year. The only shoots to be left untouched are those which are required to extend the size or direction of your wisteria. In our case that is history as the current size and shape is what we desired.

This year I did the pruning rather late in the year. Although it might be done even in the first quarter that would not be feasible in our climate. It must be done prior to frost and snowfall. Last year we had both in October/November already ! This year we had a “strange” shift of seasons and the last months have been extremely mild and dry.Untill a week ago we still had green leaves on this “tree”.

After winter pruning the plant makes a rather curious object in the garden.

For detailed instructions on Wisteria pruning see: Wisteria sinensis pruning. To see the result of such pruning see some of the related posts and Flowering Wisteria sinensis

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