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Niwaki-trees annual pruning and trimming for shape and size


larix-shaping-IMG_4390Most of the solitary trees need one major annual treatment of pruning and trimming for shape and size.

After 12 years in our garden, most trees ar some 15 to 17 years of age and have now reached the right size and often the right shape. It is in particular the shape that can be further perfected.

This year we started this work early in the cycle as a result of the unusually soft and sunny weather conditions during spring. This post shows some highlights of this work. For details please use the hyperlinks to earlier articles or to the main-site.


Larix (Europeaus) decidua, fukinaoshi-pruning. The first photo’s show me in the top of the Larix and believe me it shows more easy than it actually is !

Although additional pruning and clipping may be required, that is more like an ad hoc activity, depending on individual growth and time available. This is a mandatory and substantial exorcise in the garden and a continuation of the Midoritsumi or ‘green picking’ the pine-trees, activity that needs to be done early in the season.Pinus-leucodermis-IMG_4316

Pinus leucodermis “Satellit” before and after mideritsumi of new growdth. This is much later and less abundand then that of the Pinus densiflora.


Nothofagus antarctica, pruning for shape in the left side garden compartment.

Ulmus parvifolia-disk-IMG_4359Last year we did Ulmus parvifolia, Elm-tree pollarding and thinning in the front garden, and this year we decided we had to do some reshaping. Reason for this was the fact that the shape and size now came too close to that of thePrunus lusitanica located in the same area,… and last but not least, it got too big for safety reasons with regard to keeping an open vieuw of our front-door. The photo’s show the size and disk-shape before and the smaller size and globe-shape after.Ulmus parvifolia-globe-IMG_4360 Also see:  Ulmus parvifolia, Elm-tree prunning 

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