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Abies procera “Glauca” (Noble Fir) tidy-up

This is part of the activity I discussed in Niwaki-trees annual pruning and trimming for shape and size. Because of the exceptional attributes of this Abies I wanted to show some additional photo’s, and here they are. This is about our Abies procera “Glauca” (Noble Fir or Blue Noble Fir).

Abies-procera-cones-IMG_4395 abies-dried-stamen-IMG_2973

In its native environment this tree can reach a hight of 40-70 meter (130-230 feet). That is why a couple of years ago we decided to take out the head. Limiting the growth and shaping the head is on of the annual activities. The needles of this tree can become very old, up to 12 years of age.

One other reason for the special treatment we give this tree are it’s attributes that will drop off onto the gravel and into the small Island “lake”, and that is what we are trying to prevent.

The cones are beautiful and also top-heavy. Eye-catching, upright, large (up to 25 cm, 10 inch long), first green they then become dark steel-blue and eventually turn bronze/brown as they age and mature.
Some of them drop-off and even break before they have matured. I do not allow them to mature because each and every one will end up on the ground in many hundreds of seeds on pieces of hard-wood.


The Pollen cones are clustered along undersides of current year’s twigs and appear in the spring. These too are removed as much as possible before falling off, onto the gravel or in to the pond.

The bottom photo shows the annual harvest (except for the wood) of seed-cones and pollen-cones.

Abies-procera- IMG_4395

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