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Rule 0: Let no plant grow where you did not plant it


In the Tsubo-en website we have many pages with lessons learned (LL) at the bottom. Recently I started to include LL’s in this diary, classified as such.

Having an IT-background, talking about lessons learned reminded me of:

“Rule 0: Don’t make a mess of  it.”

by Edsger W. Dijkstra, a Dutch computer scientist.

This had to do with IT projects where it was (and still is) very easy to make a solution far too complex and unstructured. Often in such way that solving the forthcoming problems asked for a total re-do.
After Dijkstra’s first “rule 0” many have followed. In IT that is.

Now looking back over many years and in analogy with Dijkstra’s rule-0, for many years already,
my gardening-rule-0 is:

“Japanese garden-rule 0: Let no plant grow where you did not plant it.”

by Petrus M. Patings © 2010.

Although depending on the garden-type this rule might be slightly relaxed, in a Japanese garden, of any type, and specifically in a dry rock garden, to our experience this should be taken literally and maintained very rigorously.
If a plant grows at one spot it will grow anywhere and probably everywhere !
Whatever it is, if you did not put or sow it there it must be regarded a weed.

There may be one or perhaps two exceptions to this rule. If and when I come across them I’ll let you know via this diary.

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