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Scrubbing the veranda deck to remove alga and moss

scrubbing-veranda-deckIMG_4030Well made decking is very attractive in its own right and is part of a Japanese shoinzukuri style building such as our house.

Although our decking is profiled, not normally the case in Japan, it can become slippery with algae and even mosses. This needs to be frequently removed e.g. with a wire-brush when dry, or a power hose when wet. These tools are advised and used by many. So far we used noble handwork for this.

The photo shows my basic equipment. In all these years I managed to keep the electric and pneumatic tools out of the garden. First of all because it still does not feel right in a Zen garden. Secondly because cleaning-up the mess left after using these tools may be more laborious than manually scrubbing the deck.

The cleaning product we use is a regular detergent, like the well known Blue Wonder, solved in hot water.

With regard to timing I can say that I preferably do this after a couple of rainy day’s. Then the alga gets easily removed with only little cleaning fluid. After the scrubbing, the deck gets sprayed clean with water using a garden hose. Depending on the area size of the dech that needs cleaning I may also use a rough broom.

Maintenance-hint: An easy way to remove algae and mosses from the veranda wood, or to at least keep control on a regular basis, is to spray the deck with household vinegar.
Only do this when you do not expect rain for a couple of days. Then let it do its job for a couple of days and after the alga has died, broom it with a rough broom. That’s it.

Note: This will also work to get rid of lichen from the roof-tiles and other places where it is unwanted.

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