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Pruning shears with broken spring: How to repair ?


This is a lightweight (not a cheap, also known as Rose-pruner) hand pruner or pruning shears used to cut twigs and thin branches. It has only one cutting-edge.

Today the spring that pushes the blades open, broke in two parts. Although it was immediately obvious to me how I can repair this, and continue the good gardening, I also realized that it may not be so obvious to all of the readers. Hence the following Lesson Learned.

This is either a temporary or permanent measure. It will only work if the spring is broken in two parts of approximately the same length and if you where lucky enough to catch or find the spring after it broke.
These part can be stretched to the original length and placed back into their original location. Take care to use a pair of pincers and e.g. a screwdriver to stretch the spring otherwise you can easily injure your fingers.
Also ensure that you not pull it too long so that it won’t act as a spring any more. When kept too short it will fall out again.

The photo shows the original size spring half on the bottom and the half I stretched on top. That is the one I put back and that I am now using to satisfaction.

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