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Hidden surface-edges


Edges, we have a lot of them in our garden. Most of them are surface-edges.

In a number of earlier posts we showed the visible edges and the frequent maintenance that those require. Apart from visible edges we have plenty of surface edges that are situated out of sight, invisible to an average spectator as such.


Although the visible edges, in particular those intersecting with gravel area’s, ask for most of the maintenance effort, the work on these edges, to keep them within the set limits, is still substantial and returning.

Here we show just a few of them. Acaena magellanica (New Zealand Burrs, Dutch: Stekelnootje), Thymus praecox, Juniperus horizontalis “glauca”, Cotoneaster etc.

edges-leptinella-thymeIMG_4001The last photo shows some visible edges on the intersection with a gravel area, Leptinella potentillina or squalida and Thymus Praecox pseudo langinosus (bottom right) on the Turtle Island. Some of these type of edges also are out of sight.

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