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Birdlife and near-dead


In Birdlife in the garden I wrote about life and dead. This female blackbird was lucky. Although it flew against our living room window it eventually survived.

It fell on its back on the wooden deck of the veranda after the bang. We heard the bang and where immediately alarmed. We soon found the blackbird lying on its back, a bad sign.

My wife knew that a bird on its back has a risk to suffocate. So I went outside and turned it on its breast. Then we let it alone and watched wat was going to happen from inside.


After a while the bird started moving and eventually, perhaps after half an hour, it realy took long, it was back on its feet again.


Then the next time I went back to see how it recovered, the last photo shows all that was left. Althoug a strange color, we have good hopes it is going to make it.

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