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Wisteria sinensis sprouts need continued attention


In my post Wisteria sinensis sprouts and runners I also wrote about sprouts. In particular sprouts and shoots need continued attention.

Converting green shoots that grow  50 cm (2 feet) each week, into a short woody flower spur requires regular attention in particular during the July-August period.

Shoots that grow in places where we do not want anything to flower or grow need to be taken out every week or so. The photo shows sprouts that grow on the trunk base where we do not want anything to grow.

Mostly the Wisteria will produce a second and even third show of flowers, and although these are not as good as the main flush, they add to the beauty and enjoyment of the garden. We leave these until flowering is over and then continue the routine of cutting back the green shoots.

The first and full bloom took place in April-May, see Wisteria sinensis in bloom.

For detailed instructions on how and when to prune, see Wisteria sinensis pruning and run the slide-show. There you also find the text.

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