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Trimming the Juniperus media topiary shrubs


These two Juniper, Juniperus media “blue” are regarded topiary shrubs, rather then trees, because they are kept so low and form the backdrop for the main garden tsukubai facility.

This photo shows the backside, as seen from the waterfront. The plant in front (right) is still untouched whereas the one in the back has just been trimmed, as shown by the debris.

Unfortunately the shrub closest to the veranda has dead lower parts on the veranda side. We suspect this is caused by spraying cats.

The bottom photo shows the shrubs seen from the house. The Acer palmatum that belongs to the tsukubai on the left.


Whereas we do not use the electric box-trimmer to trim box it is great to trim conifer like these Juniper and Chamaecyparis (post Chamaecyparis Lawsonia trimming). The box-shears with the red grips is also useless to trim box and we only use it to clip flower-stems (see Armeria Maritima flowering, caution ! and Armeria Maritima flowering, continued).

Bottom photo: Left to right hedge-shears, hand pruner (or pruning shears, secateurs scissors), buxus-shears and the electric box/trimmer..


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