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Trimming ‘the five Islands of immortality’ topiary box


To the left of the front entrance, beside the drive we used box to represent  Hõrai-jima, ‘symbol of the islands of the Blest’ (Taoist myth) sometimes represented as mountainous islands, houraiseki. Here ‘the five Islands of immortality’. These islands where thought to float in a remote sea, carried on the backs of giant turtles. The inhabitants lived in perfect harmony and where carried by cranes to move across the islands.

These topiary buxus need to get trimmed once or twice a year. This year only once early in September.


Like alway we cover the bottom so as to catch as much as possible of the off coming leafs. Here to, I remove as much as possible of the dead leafs that lay under the shrubs so as to prevent fungi to develop.

Unfortunately we now have ‘holes’ in part of this topiary as a result of spraying cats, one of our garden pests.

And again stung by a honeybee. This time in my upper arm.


Here the plastic bag was blown away by the wind. The wind-force was only just workable. See my post Timing for box-topiary trimming.

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