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Hako-zukuri style Prunus lusitanica “tree” tuning


Keeping a full grown large-leaved strong grower in shape and within the desired size limits is a challenge in its own right.

This photo was taken halfway through the pollarding-plus topping. In Hako-zukuri style Prunus lusitanica “tree” you can see how it looked a couple of weeks back.

Note that the photo’s have been shot in the evening (around 21:00 or 9:00 PM) hence some coloration.

In my post Hako-zukuri style Prunus lusitanica “tree” I wrote about pruning and the fact that this Prunus is a strong grower that needs pollarding. The latter in combination with it being relatively large-leaved now results in a final size that is just too high and the body is just a bit too massive.
I have now pruned back the old thick branches on the top about 20 to 25 cm (7 to 10 inches) so it will develop its new annual growth within our aesthetic boundaries.
This can be regarded as a lesson learned, hence this quote-box.


An additional pragmatic argument, and no more than that, is the fact that the street view from within the kitchen is partly obscured. Marijke wants to be able to see the street from there. Yet an other, more important safety argument is that we do not want to obscure the house from the street so as to retain a clear view from the street.

And yes, the box hakozukuri style shrub in front was trimmed a couple of weeks ago and now has many dead leafs. It will be a matter of time to grow green again (see post: Timing for box-topiary trimming).

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