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Nothofagus antarctica, pruning for shape

This is how the Nothofagus antarctica, Antarctic Beech, looked prior to pruning back in 2008.
In the years prior to 2008 we have thinned it consistently every year, to be less compact and open than it would naturally grow.

We prune the Nothofagus antarctica (genus southern beeches) in the left side garden compartment, for shape. This pruning is part of a long running fukinaoshi treatment.
We first made mention of this in the post: Larix (Europeaus) decidua, fukinaoshi-pruning. Like with the Larch, this is part of a multi-year exercise.


The Nothofagus antarctica is a deciduous tree.
Under normal circumstances you would prune it after the needles have felt off. One reason for doing it now while it is fully dressed up, is that the shape is better visible hence pruning is easier.  And secondly then it still has half the season to grow into the desired shape.

The containers and bucket show what came off. In front the pruners we used.


This shows how it looked after we where finished … for the time being that is.

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