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Herb garden box-hedge trimming

Herb garden box-hedge trimming needs to be done twice per year. Depending on the growth-cycle the first time in any year can be limited to partial clipping (post Partial buxus clipping for way through) to ensure the pathway walk-trough and easy access to the different plant-compartments.



Although a herb garden may not be the first thing (landscape-element) you think of when talking about a Japanese-garden, let alone a Zen-garden, we think that we have managed to integrate this in style in the garden as a whole and more specifically in the left side compartment and hence we get the ‘right feel’, also known as fuzei, about it. With regard to the design of the herb garden we have seen a very interesting development that I will address in a later (winter) post.



Removal of the clipped waste from the boxwood hedges and other objects is most easily done using a soft brush. The surrounding surface is covered with plastic sheets and bags so that the debris can be easily removed and does not fall on the soil, gravel or groundcovering plants.

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