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Powdery Mildew on our Euonymus Japonicus


We are used to a few annual attacks of plant louse (greenfly) against or Euonymus Japonicus “Compactus” (Japanese Spindle) next to the terrace in the main garden. Mildew we have had only once or twice before. And now it is fully covered by it and hence we identified it as Powdery Mildew (fungi in the order Erysiphales).


The good news is that this Euonymus is fast growing. Even better news is that it needed clipping anyhow. The shape of this shrub should be like a drop of quicksilver and it has grown too high already. The best way to get rid of mildew is to clip it off. And that is what we did first.

What is shown on the photo’s is that, like many gardening work, the preparation and cleaning-up takes half of the time required for this job.

After we have removed and disposed of all leafs we need to rake the gravel. In this case partly flat and level and in pattern around the Raihaiseki (special purpose step-stones).

After the clipping there was still a whole lot of mildew left and for that we need to spray. We use a liquid sulfur solution for that in a pressure sprayer. This can be obtained from your garden center.

But first we do the tidy up and also remove the pile of old leafs from under the shrub. Leaving these can result in fungus and the like to develop.

It was very hot (over 30°C or 86°F) and luckily I could easily place the sunshade in such way that I could work in the shade most of the time.

Note: This is a beautiful bush but it can be invasive depending on the local conditions. In that case you need to look for alternatives.
In our garden it is a strong grower but only very slowly expanding underground. This is what we like as we want it to grow and stay like the drop of Mercury mentioned above and we did not have to wait too long.

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